Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easy Tortellini soup

Tortellini soup

2 containers of chicken stock

One onion

Half a bunch of celery

4 carrots chopped thinly

Half cup of sun dried tomatoes

1 ear of corn

I package of tortellini’or Russian raviolis

Sauté onions, celery and carrots cooked corn off the cob, in olive oil with salt and pepper in POT BIG ENOUGH TO COOK PASTA IN For 7-10 minutes on medium heat

Add a half a cup of chopped sun dried tomatoes

Add 2 containers of chicken stocks

Bring to a boil

Turn heat down to medium low

Add frozen tortellinis, or Russian dumplings or raviolis and a bunch a green onions (scallions) sliced thinly

Turned to low, cover and come back in 30 minutes and serve

Drizzle a little salt and olive oil at the endon the serving portion. Squeeze lime on it as well if you’d lie or lemon.

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